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Currently Lisa is seeing clients for private sessions in her home studio or in your home.

Meet Lisa

Yoga instructor Lisa Eakes was led to yoga by Physical Therapist / Viniyoga Therapist Emily Large and they worked together to heal Lisa’s chronic low back pain. Lisa was inspired by the practice of yoga and deepened her commitment by becoming a yoga teacher and therapist.  Her initial intentions were to create an additional less stressful career and to develop strength to carry a baby and she found much more than that, leading her on this lifelong path of learning about health & healing.

Guided by her teachers, Gary & Mirka Kraftsow, Lisa began to explore her own breathing patterns which were clearly contributing to chronic migraine headaches.  Becoming mindful of breathing patterns through a consistent daily yoga practice, her migraines completely stopped.  She also learned she was able to bring balance to her spinal and hip imbalances. Combining her new physical body awarenesses with a new found control over her own physiology (by way of focused breathing), Lisa began to create new movement & breathing patterns  as she unwound years of chronic stress and in turn, her mind became more focused and calm.  Lisa is finding meaningful links between her mind and heart as she explores her own spirituality.

She continues to study with her teacher, Gary Kraftsow and The American Viniyoga Institute connecting regularly with advanced teachers and staff for phone consultations, workshops & private/semi-private yoga therapy sessions.

Lisa has taught in a variety of studio settings as well as a corporate office and supports the training of yoga teachers while assisting her teacher, Gary Kraftsow, during yoga conferences.  She has worked therapeutically with people with a variety of conditions, including low back pain, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression and many other conditions.